Some of our favourite blog posts from our favourite blogs. | unbravegirl5

As much as you want to travel, you might still be a little unsure about it all. “What’s all this travelling hoo-hum?”, you might ask yourself (…or not.)  Well, one of our favourite blogs to keep track of here at Girl Meet Road is Unbrave Girl, otherwise known as Sally, who is a hilarious writer / traveller who documents her every thought and has visited some seriously cool places, both on her lonesome and with others.  Unbrave Girl features the tagline “encouraging scaredy cats since 2009” and is so welcoming that any doubts you have will go out the window. Today, we bring you ‘Advice you really shouldn’t follow: How to begin travelling‘, because it’s relevant to our interests and hopefully yours.

Take it in zest, with a glass of wine and have a giggle.  There are some seriously inspiring lessons in her post, even if it’s tongue-in-cheek.  When you start reading these blogs, your mind opens up a little more.  Unbrave girl reminds us that we can all be a little scared in the face of big changes, especially when starting the journey of solo travelling.  But frankly?  You got this.

(Check out another Unbrave Girl post – 5 Travel Mistakes I Make Over and Over Again. And maybe her whole blog while you’re there.)



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